Powered flight

Have you ever thought of taking off from Aosta and immediately finding yourself up close and personal with the mountains?
Just think: aboard a single-engine aircraft with a heading of 270 degrees, you can fly over the city and get a bird’s eye view of the Roman walls and all the traces that remain of the ancient settlement of Augusta Praetoria!
If you carry on, you will see Pila and its mass of ski lifts on your left, while on the right you can begin to make out the Great Saint Bernard. Continuing in that direction, still climbing, you begin to see the majestic Mont Blanc with its glaciers, the Dente del Gigante, and the hills leading to France and Switzerland.
When you reach a certain altitude, you can observe a landscape that is unique in Europe, if not the world. If you turn around and set the compass to 90 degrees, you can head towards the Matterhorn, rightly considered “The Gem of the Alps”; continue on the same heading and you can admire the majesty of Monte Rosa, while on your right you can make out the plain.
Turning back through 180 degrees, you begin to descend, allowing you to admire the beauty of the Aosta Valley’s castles, still well preserved to this day, and the mid-altitude mountain scenery made up of high pastures, woods and numerous manmade structures.
In no time at all, you will spot the inviting asphalt strip of Corrado Gex Airport, calling you in to land and get your feet back on terra firma.