Motorized flight course

Motorized flight, together with gliding, also finds it in the Aosta Valley one of the most suitable flight environments for learning.
The future pilot, raised at the Aosta school, will be prepared to face even the most demanding flight situations, typically wind flight.
The course is divided into a practical flight phase and several theoretical lessons held in our pilot room.
During the course the pilot must in fact develop a good piloting ability, but also create a considerable theoretical background. The lessons include aerotechnics, meteorology, aeronautical regulation, navigation, telephony, etc.
It is essential to pass a fitness test visit held at the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Air Force of Milan Linate.
Once you have passed the fitness examination, you are ready to begin the practical course with the instructor, climbing for the first time on our Robin DR400-180.
The student, assisted by the instructor, can therefore pilot immediately and safely.
Our instructors are experienced and qualified pilots
At the end of the first dual-command flight phase and at the discretion of the instructor, the student is left to fly alone for the first time.
The first flight alone is always a very intense moment and experienced by the school and students as a moment of celebration.
After a period foreseen by current regulations (EASA and ENAC), the pilot student is ready for the final exam.