Enrico Berthod: 767 km flight with a Club “class”!

Enrico Berthod: 767 km flight with a Club “class”!

Di Diego Marchesini

On 25 July 2017, our member Enrico Berthod completed a flight of 767.69 km on board our aero club’s ASW-24 glider.
Enrico is a true devotee of gliding, especially when it comes to taking advantage of the strong northwesterly wind that blows on certain days.
On 25 July, he set off from Aosta Airport at 10am. Flying in wave, he rounded a “pylon” in Switzerland over the Simplon, descended into France in the St Crepin area, ascended again beyond Domodossola and finally returned to the valley, paying a visit to the Levanne and landing in Aosta at 6:05pm after 10 hours in the air.
Enrico has been flying for many years, but this year, after a year off, he succeeded in this feat: 767 km is huge, especially with a glider with a wingspan of just 15 m.
Among Italian pilots this year, there have only been 3 longer flights with the same handicap (1.07). Well done!


On the same day, our member Alex Busca completed an amazing flight of 1,020 km with his 18-metre wingspan Ventus-2cxa glider, with one pylon at Garessio a few kilometres from Loano and another in Val Chiavenna, encircling the Alps.

Great pilots at Aero Club Valle d’Aosta!