Italian Distance Flying Championship

“CID 2021” Italian Distance Championship

Aero Club d’Italia announces the Italian Distance Championship 2021 (CID) and entrusts organisation of the event to the ACAO Aero Club Adele Orsi (Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport, Calcinate del Pesce – Varese).
The CID aims to promote and increase long-distance gliding in Italy and to crown the Italian Distance Champions and the winning aero club. The CID may also award the title of Italian Distance Champion in the female category if the conditions set out in the Regolamento CID 21.

Participation in the CID is reserved for pilots of Italian nationality. Registration is free and those wishing to register can do so online .
after renewing their FAI card for the current year.
Flights are valid from 1 March (or the pilot’s registration date if later) to 15 September.

This is a national category handicap competition (OLC handicap) with classifications divided into 3 classes according to the glider used: club (gliders with a handicap of up to 1.07), 15 m (gliders with a handicap of greater than 1.07 and wingspan up to 15 m) and open (all gliders that do not fall into the first two classes).
All types of gliders and motorised gliders, single or twin-seat, are permitted.
For more information regarding the regulations, registration, entrant list and previous years’ results, go to the following link:


To see the classifications for the past year, go to the following link:
Classifications CID 2020