Spring Training Sessions (STAGES)

The exceptional weather conditions in the Alps during spring offer glider pilots who come to fly in our region the opportunity for exciting flights in thermo-dynamic conditions among the highest peaks in Europe.
On days with winds at altitude, even if these are weak, wave phenomena are triggered and spread to the upper layers of the atmosphere.
Often, the wind also affects the lower layers all the way down to ground level, allowing tows to 400/600 metres on the ridges of Monte Emilius, located 1 km south of the airfield.
These days are frequent throughout the whole year, but especially from March to May when they allow fantastic flying up as high as the stratosphere. The Italian altitude records (single and twin-seat) have been broken several times in the skies above the Aosta Valley.
At this time of year, Aero Club Valle d’Aosta traditionally holds wave soaring training sessions usually attended by an average of 70 crews from all over Europe, especially from Germany and the Netherlands.
During the STAGES period, an instructor or experienced pilot will be on hand at the airport daily to carry out the weather briefing and coordinate the flight line for the formation and takeoff.

See “2020_ STAGE _ Tariffe GUEST PILOTS 2020_ ENG.pdf” in RATES Section for prices

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